Vanishing Point

Apparently, these don’t have someone who care about them.
This scene becomes a true act of terror against the survival ofthe human race are attacking our future and we definitely lost the skyline.
Need to be aware as soon as possible, or the need to fill theexistential void will harm us.
We are coming to a place that has no return.
This series is nothing more than an exploration of this limit thatwe have already touched.

“Vanishing Point”
Especially with this show I give my version of events, facts are treated as a particular crime scene inspired by the famous François Eugene, collect data and information commonly reveal plot of the same, characteristics and evidence where it begins, develops and concludes the event. In research terms satisfactory results in the apprehension of the perpetrator.
There are three forms of manifestation of crime on the crime scene: how operate personal signature and staging. In this case the criminal mutilated and behead their victims, leaving as imprinting, a trail of destruction large-scale manifests itself in different ways: desertification, global warming, erosion, etc. .. It is important to understand that time us just to stop the process.

By Fausto Oritz
September 2008